All toolserver users have:
  • Shell account accessible via SSH
  • Public web space
  • MySQL account
    • MySQL database

SSH and authentication Edit

If you experience difficulties logging in, check the login troubleshooter; if this does not fix the problem, please contact an administrator for assistance.

Public web space Edit

Do not place large applications, e.g. MediaWiki in this space. Do not host porn or warez, etc. Be sensible about what goes here.

Using MySQL Edit

Access MySQL from the shell in the usual fashion; your credentials are stored in ~/.my.cnf to make life easier. When accessing MySQL from web applications, use sql as the server name.

Views Edit

These databases contain views, in most case, direct copies of the standard tables in a MediaWiki installation. Some views contain less data or are restricted, and there are one or two special views. Remember that you cannot write to a view, so all this data is read-only.

  • The user view contains user_id, user_name and user_registration columns
  • The user_ids view contains user_id and user_name columns
  • The recentchanges view does not contain the data from the rc_ip column
  • The archive view does not contain the data from the ar_text column

Changes to views will be announced on the news page and in the maintenance log.

Your database Edit

You have been allocated a database, the contents of which are private except for tables prefixed with pub_. You can use this for storing and caching data, etc. for scripts or web applications.

Miscellaneous Edit

  • There is a database, toolserver, which contains tables holding useful information about the databases stored on the toolserver
  • When performing SELECTS with a WHERE condition referencing a timestamp column, remember that the timestamp is in MediaWiki's internal format, YYYYMMDDHHMMSS and is a variant character field, so surround values in quotes

Other documentation Edit

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