This page is devoted to discussing, prioritizing, and organizing software feature requests, primarily for the MediaWiki platform, but also for any software related to the development and distribution of the Wikia projects.

Sources for requests Edit

  • Bugzilla : many feature requests are first added here. All feature requests related to MediaWiki code or particular Wikia sites should be added to Bugzilla if they are not there already. Be sure to link from any feature request names to the relevant Bugzilla entries.
  • Mailing-list posts
  • Village-pump posts, other wiki pages

Classification, feature clusters Edit

Bugzilla only allows limited types of classification; and only one category per bug. Please identify natural feature clusters (both vertical and horizontal) and dependencies here.

Priorities Edit

Please list what you see as the top feature priorities, and explain your metrics for importance.

Interested members Edit

Many people interested in feature requests are not aware of this group, and simply organize the Bugzilla submissions as best they can. You might want to check the bugzilla activity logs and ping its users for input.

Please add your name below if you would like to join this group

See also Edit

  1. Bugzilla
  2. MediaWiki feature request and bug report discussion

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