Sometimes someone will find an obvious candidate for speedy deletion on a language they do not speak. In that case, they can list the pages here, and then an admin on the project where the page was found can decide whether to delete the page or to remove the listing. To add a listing in a language that isn't already here, create a new section header:

==Requests for [[xx:]]==

This page can also be used to delete pages on new wikis that don't have a "votes for deletion" page.

Please use this page only to report articles that need deleting. To report other vandalism issues, see vandalism reports. }}

Bot-reported requests Edit

Meta:Support Staff/Speedy deletions/Bot-reported

Manual requests Edit

Requests for a single wikiEdit


Multi-wiki requestsEdit



The following templates are used to set up the basic {{delete}} structure on wikis.Template:RF

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