Welcome to the Wikia Meta-Wiki (often shortened to Meta-Wiki or simply Meta), a wiki for coordination of Wikia projects.

Current purpose Edit

Meta-Wiki currently serves several distinct roles:

1. Discussion and formulation of the Wikia projects, and in particular policy discussion relevant to all projects, such as open content licensing
2. A forum for personal essays about the Wikia projects (as these are usually not delivered from a neutral point of view, they should be summarized on neutral issues pages from multiple point of view using formats like TIPAESA or its subset IPA)
3. A place to discuss interlanguage co-ordination issues concerning the Wikia projects, including discussion in languages other than English

What Meta-Wiki is not Edit

Almost all Wikia wikis have a "What <this wiki> is not" page that describes inappropriate content for that site.

Meta is not

1. A disposal site for uncorrectable articles from the different Wikipedias, and it is not a hosting service for personal essays of all types. If you're looking for a wiki-based community, check out other wiki communities, or MeatballWiki's community list. If you're looking for free webspace, you can find out more about them here. If you want to build your own wiki, check out the list of wiki engines.
2. A place to describe the MediaWiki software. The software has its own wiki at Content and pages such as these should be

See also Edit

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